At the Table is a different kind of digital food series, aimed at giving an accessible platform to game-changing individuals in the culinary scene to share their stories with the world. For our first season, we sought out inspiring people in the Washington, DC food scene—from restauranteurs and chefs to vineyard owners. 

It all started when I began covering restaurant openings in DC for local publications. I’ve always loved how writing can transport a reader anywhere in the world, but felt like short written reviews didn’t suffice to show the true heart of a restaurant, and the multi-sensory experience of dining there.

There’s a power in finding the ability to create your own content, and harness your creativity for something you believe in. The At The Table team wanted to create something that was accessible for viewers. Our episodes are only 7 to 10 minutes in length, making it easy to watch them on your lunch break or whenever you’re seeking inspiration, and the fun part is that we got to do it on our own as friends, and as collaborators.



Kevin Tien of  Himitsu

Kevin Tien of Himitsu